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Dear +God + Thank +You+ +For+ +Forgiving+ +Us+ +For+ + +Of+ +Our+ Sins

Dear +God +Please+ +Protect+ +Us+ +From+ +The+ Enemy + +Amen+

Dear +Jesus +Please+ +Protect+ +Us+ + +So+ +Our+ +Mirror+ +Reflection+ +or+ +Our+ +Mirrored+ +Reflection+ +or+ +Any+ +Form+ +of+ +Reflection+ +or+ +Reflections+ Won't +Envy+ +Anyone+ +or+ +Anything+ At +Anytime+ + +Amen+

Thank +You+ +Lord+ + Savior+Jesus+Christ +For+ +Dying+ +For+ Our+Sins

+GOD +Gave+ +EVERYONE+ +In+ +The+ +World+ FREE+WILL + Never let +anyone+ +take+ +anyway+ + your +Freedom+ +OF+ +Choice+ +or+ your +Right+ to +Choose+ + +Freedom+ +Is+ what makes +America+ +GREAT+

Dear +God +Please+ +Forgive+ +ME+ Michael Junior Williams +For+ +My+ Harsh +Prayers+ Against +The+ Devil + Evil

Dear +God +Please+ +Forgive+ +Others+ +For+ +Their+ Harsh +Prayers+ Against +The+ Devil + Evil

Dear +God +Please+ +Protect+ +Us+ +Your+ +Children+ +From+ Harm +Of+ +Any+ +Kind+ + Also +God +Our+ +Father+ +Please+ +Protect+ +The+ +Animals+ +From+ Harm +Of+ Any+Kind+

Dear +God +Please+ +Deactivate+ +The+ Killers + Murders +of+ +The+ World+Universe

Satan +You+ +Will+ Not Use +ME+ Michael Junior Williams +or+ +Anyone+ Else +In+ +Anyway+

Devil +You+ +Will+ Not +Connect+ +To+ +ME+ Michael Junior Williams +or+ +Anyone+ Else +In+ +Anyway+

Devil +You+ +Will+ Not +Transmit+ +Any+ +Messages+ +or+ Subliminal +Messages+ +To+ +ME+ Michael Junior Williams +Or+ +To+ +Anyone+ Else at +Anytime+

Satan +You+ +Will+ Not Use +Us+ +To+ +Send+ Subliminal +Messages+ +To+ +Others+

Dear +God +Please+ +Remove+ +All+ Evil +Sprits+ +From+ +Around+ +Us+ + +Amen+

Dear +God +Please+ +Stop+ + +Prevent+ +The+ Devil +From+ +Following+ +Us+ +Your+ +Children+ +In+ +Anyway+ At +Anytime+ + +Amen+

Devil +You+ +Will+ Not +Exist+ +In+ This +World+ +or+ +Any+ +World+ at +Anytime+

Dear +God +Please+ +Stop+ + +Prevent+ +The+ Devil +From+ +Taking+ +Or+ Stealing My Michael Junior Williams +Work+ +or+ +Anyone+ Else's +Work+

Dear +God +Please+ +Stop+ + +Prevent+ +The+ Devil +From+ +Entering+ +This+ +World+ +Or+ +Any+ +World+ +Or+ +Any+ +Universe+

Devil +You+ +Will+ Not Mock The +Lord+Jesus+Christ +In+ +Anyway+

Evil +You+ +Will+ Not +Connect+ +To+ The Lord+Jesus+Christ +In+ +Anyway+

Devil +You+ +Will+ Not Judge +Anyone+ at +Anytime+

Devil +You+ +Will+ Not +Reward+ +Us+ +In+ +Anyway+

Devil +I+ Michael Junior Williams Rebuke +You+ +Now+ + +Forever+

Dear +God +Please+ +Forgive+ +All+ +The+ +Animals+ + +Creatures+ +Of+ +The+ World+Universe +For+ +Their+ Sins

Dear +God +Please+ +Forgive+ +Us+ +For+ +Our+ Sins +Against+ +The+ +Animals+ + +Creatures+ +Of+ +The+ World+Universe

Dear +God +I+ Michael Junior Williams +Loves+ +You+

Dear +God +Please+ +Forgive+ +Us+ +Your+ +Children+ +For+ +All+ +Tattoos+ + +Other+ +Marks+ + +Piercing+ +On+ +Our+ +Body+

Dear +God +Please+ +Prevent+ + +Stop+ +Your+ +Children+ +From+ +Getting+ +Tattoos+ + +Marks+ + +Piercing+

Dear +God +Please+ +Make+ +Us+ +Your+ +Children+ +Whole+ +Again+

Thank +You+ +God +For+ +Making+ +Us+ +Whole+ +Again+

Lord + +Savior+ +Jesus+Christ +I+ Michael Junior Williams +Loves+ +You+ + +Will+ +Always+ +Love+ +You+

Thank +You+ Lord + +Savior+ +Jesus+Christ+ +For+ +Forgiving+ +Us+ +For+ + +Of+ +Our+ Sins

Thank +You+ +God +For+ +Saving+ +Us+ +All+ +A+ +Place+ +In+ +Heaven+

Thank +You+ +God +For+ +Forgiving+ +Us+ +For+ + +Of+ +Our+ Sins

Thank +You+ +God +For+ +Answering+ My Michael Junior Williams +Prayers+ + +Amen+

Thank +You+ +God +For+ +Answering+ +Everyone+ Else +Prayers+ +As+ +Well+ + +Amen+



+ Dear America + Please Help ME Michael Junior Williams Find HER + She Is Caucasian + I Met Her In The Year 2015 @ Manhattan Beach + On The Beach + SHE Was The Age 19 + I Was Walking On The Beach That Beautiful Day + The Sun Was Shining Down On Everyone @ The Beach That Day Including ME Michael Junior Williams + On The Beach There She Was + Laying On The Beautiful Sand Of Manhattan Beach Enjoying The SUN From Above + A Total Beautiful Stranger + An +Angel From +God + I Loved Her @ First Sight + I Walked Up To HER As She Was Laying On The Beach + I Asked Her If It Was OK To Join Her + SHE Said YES + I Joined Her On The Beach @ Manhattan Beach + I Layed Next To Her On The Beach + Our Fingers Touched + I Loved The Feeling I Experienced @ That Time + I Loved The Feeling From HER + That Was Charging My Body + Along With The Sunlight Of That Day + I Offered HER One Of My Michael Junior Williams Business Card And She Accepted It + We Lay On The Beach For A While + Then I Invited Her Back To My HOME In Long Beach + She Said YES + We Left The Beach Together Holding Hands + We Got In Our Individual Cars From The Beach + Then We Were Off To My Home + We Stopped @ Walgreens + I Purchased A Bottle Of Wine For Myself @ Walgreens + We Arrived @ My HOME In Long Beach Soon After Leaving Walgreens + We Enjoyed +Marijuana+ @ MY HOME Safely + She Had To Leave Early + She Left += I Never Seen Or Spoke To HER Since That Day =+ I +LOVE+ HER + I Would Love To Tell Her That + One Day Soon + Love Michael Junior Williams + #United #States #Of #America ++ ++++

Dear +God Thank +You+ +For+ +Forgiving+ +Us+ +For+ +Our+ Sins

A Few Prayers +To+ +God My +Father+ +Our+ +Father+ + Dear +God Thank +You+ +For+ Your +Son+ Jesus+Christ + Dear +God +I+ Michael Junior Williams Has +Forgiven+ +Everyone+ For Their Sins Towards +ME+ At This +Age+ +Of+ 38 + Dear +God +Please+ +Help+ Others To Forgive ME Michael Junior Williams For My Sins Towards Them And Others + Also +God Please Help Others To Forgive Themselves For Sins Towards Themselves + Another + Dear +God +Please+ +Help+ My +Brothers+ + +Sisters+ +Of+ +The+ +World+ To +SEE+ That The +Only+ +Closure+ That Really Matters Is The Closure With You +God Our +God And +Father+ + One Of Those Closure Is The Repentance Daily For Sins Through +Prayers+ With You +God + Dear +God +I+ Michael Junior Williams +Loves+ You + +I+ +KNOW+ +Forgiveness+ Is +One+ +Of+ The +KEYS+ +To+ +Freedom+ For +Anyone+ + Dear +God +Please+ +Help+ +Others+ +To+ +Remember+ They Have To +Forgive+ Themselves For Sins Towards You +God +Themselves + Others + Dear +God +Please+ Continue To Bless America Which Is One Of The Most +Beautiful+ +Countries+ +In+ +The+ +World+ + Dear +God +Please+ Continue To +Assist+ +America+ And Americans In Protecting The Lives Of Your Children In America And Around The World + Dear +God +Please+ Continue To +Assist+ +America+ And Other +Countries+ +Around+ +The+ +World+ To +Preserve+ The +World+ + The +Things+ +Of+ The +World+ For +The+ +Future+ +Generations+ To Come + Dear +God +America+ Is + +Will+ Always +Be+ Your +Country+ Which Is The Land Of The +Free+ And The +Home+ Of The +Brave+ + Dear +God +In+ +Heaven+ +Please+ +Bless+ + Continue To +Bless+ The +Words+ “In God We Trust” + Dear +God Thank +You+ +For+ Free+Will + Dear +God America Is +All+ About +Freedom+ + America Also Has +Freedom+ +Of+ +Speech+ + Which Is +Wonderful+ But There Still Is A Very Thin Line With +Words+ +In+ +America+ And Around The +World+ + Dear +God +Please+ +Monitor+ Our +Words+ + Sentences + Dear +God +Please+ +Forgive+ +Us+ +For+ The +Words+ That +We+ Your +Children+ Has +Spoken+ + +Sang+ +Or+ +Written+ + Dear +God Everyone Who Believes +In+ +You+ Knows That You See + Hears + +KNOWS+ +Everything+ + Dear +God +Please+ +Continue+ +To+ +Protect+ +Our+ +Privacy+ + Dear +God +Please+ +Protect+ +Our+ +Personal+ +Space+ + Dear +God +Please+ Continue To +Protect+ +Our+ +Thoughts+ + +Ideas+ +From+ +The+ Enemy  + Dear +God We Know You Want +Us+ +To+ +Do+ Your +Work+  + +Only+ +You+ +God Knows What That +Work+ Is + Dear +God +Please+ +Stop+ +Or+ +Prevent+ Others +From+ Judging Another On How They Spend Their +Time+ +Or+ +Moments+ + Dear +God +Please+ +Stop+ +Or+ +Prevent+ +Us+ From Fighting +Or+ Causing Conflict With Another + Dear +God We Leave The Judging To +You+ + Dear +God +I+ Michael Junior Williams Loves You + Dear +God +Please+ +Protect+ +Us+ With Every Step We Take + +Every+ Move +We+ Make + Dear +God +I+ Respect My +Country+ America + Dear +God +Please+ +Continue+ +To+ +Bless+ +America+ +So+ +America+ + Other +Countries+ +Will+ Be Safe + Also Feel Safe + Dear +God Thank +You+ +For+ +America+ +OUR+ +COUNTRY+ + Dear +God +Please+ +Help+ +Us+ +To+ +RESPECT+ THE LAW + Dear +God +Please+ +Help+ +Us+ +To+ +Respect+ + +Follow+ + Know Your +Ten+ +Commandments+ + Thank You +God +In+ +Heaven+ +For+ +Answering+ +All+ +My+ Michael Junior Williams Prayers + Also +God Our +Father+ + Thank +You+ +For+ +Answering+ +Everyone+ else’s +Prayers+ +As+ Well + +Amen+

GoOnlineDj .jpg
GoOnlineDj .jpg
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